Steel constructions

Steel constructions

Steel structures for filter-and extraction plants as well as for plants in their surroundings are an integral part of our product range.

  • Suspension, fortifications, bridges and supports for piping and sewer systems
  • Exhaust hoods with housings and their support construction
  • Filter and pre-cleaner support structure
  • Penthouse and weather shelters
  • Stage, platforms and ladders for inspection - and service access according to the local regulations
  • Steel building structures
  • support structures for cabins and process enclosures
  • Support structures for on-site components

Our scope of service reaches from the basic and detail engineering for delivery to installation by our SCC-certified installation personnelat each global location. We use our own provided hoists. To every structural steel constructions we offer verifiable documentation for static proof.

Stainless steel pipe system

For condensate-laden exhaust air including steel support construction with outer platforms for a recycling facility

Jet-lock filter system

Volume: 40.000m³/h
The central suction of a plant for the recycling of aluminum cans with stair tower and "penthouse"

Examples Steel Constructions

Support structures

Inspections / Platforms

Stair towers